Our Integrated Humanities Program 

One of the hallmarks of Los Encinos School is a rich co-curricular program that routinely integrates fine and performing arts, eco-literacy, field trips, community service, athletics, and academic support. Our specialist team is comprised of teachers in the areas of art, music, science, drama, library, physical education, and technology.

The inclusive values that characterize the school are evident in these activities. In addition, Los Encinos rotates through a four year cycle of thematic emphases: Science and Technology, multi-cultural Awareness, Connections Across Time, and Exploration of Language.

Integration is virtually synonymous with curriculum at Los Encinos School. Not only is the content integrated across the disciplines by the classroom teacher, but it is also enriched by the specialist teachers. Furthermore, yearly themes that rotate through emphasize multi-culturalism, environmental awareness, language arts, and math/science, providing additional opportunities for integration and for meaningful connections among the grade levels.


The visual art and art history programs at Los Encinos School cultivate the relationship between art and the world around us. The goal of the art program is to enhance skills, broaden concepts, and provide an expanded creative experience. A variety of materials and techniques are introduced in meaningful explorations.


The music program at Los Encinos School provides many different opportunities for children to utilize their aural, visual, and kinesthetic learning strategies. The students’ experiences contribute to their overall educational understanding by incorporating the intellect, the emotions, and the physical body.


With two science labs, students from K-6 explore the natural world with hands-on experiments and real-life projects. Children are naturally intrigued and motivated to learn about the world around them.  The Science program at Los Encinos School introduces the children to scientific concepts and practical applications, instilling in them an early interest in science and engineering.


During library class, Los Encinos students have the opportunity to come to a place where they can explore, research, and enjoy the excitement of choosing a book for themselves. Students are consistently introduced to new literature through book talks and book reviews. The library is a place where students are supported in finding or enhancing a love for reading through choices that best fit their individual needs.


The Los Encinos Physical Education and Health programs use a developmental approach to instruction in order to aid every student in maintaining strong confidence in their process of physical learning. Students gain further understanding of health and wellness through basic instruction in nutrition and in the importance of maintaining healthy living habits.


The Los Encinos After-school Sports Program for the Los Encinos School EAGLES (4th through 6th Grade) consists of individual sports skills classes as well as team sports. Organized team sports include soccer, basketball, and volleyball with a primary focus on teamwork and sportsmanship, along with healthy exercise and having fun!


Los Encinos School’s educational technology curriculum is designed for the purpose of two-pronged learning: Instruction in technology use and integrating those learned skills into the humanities theme. Technology instruction supports 21st Century learning and innovation.


The Los Encinos School Drama program strives to nourish each student’s sense of play, invoke confidence, and offer a space where young actors feel empowered and encouraged in their creative explorations. Our program is unique in its integration, which incorporates the school-wide theme across all the disciplines in order to help students make broader connections in line with their individualized approaches to learning. We use dance, theatre games, improvisation, and both traditional and non-Western storytelling forms to bring stories to life.