Community Engagement

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LES Walks the Talk at the JDRF One Walk
Thank you, heroes!
LES and LA Family Housing have a history of shared giving.

Community Engagement is an integral part of the Los Encinos School experience, preparing students to become global thinkers and citizens, while building character and mutual respect. In kindergarten, students begin a service learning portfolio that is updated with their maturing reflections each year. We aim to build a lifelong connection to our local and extended community as we take students through stages of service learning that range from investigating a situation, planning, action, reflection, and demonstration of follow-through.

Our commitment to making a difference provides a meaningful and authentic opportunity for students to acquire new skills, learn in a unique setting, understand the consequences of actions, analyze why a problem exists, understand their own talents and those of their classmates, talk about thoughts and feelings, receive feedback, hone in on observation and analytical skills, develop an understanding of our world, and become a change agent. Students are asked to brainstorm, share ideas, write, review, collaborate, listen to other perspectives, prioritize, and use critical thinking.

“LA Family Housing is so grateful for the partnership with Los Encinos and all that the school community has done to help families transition out of homelessness. What warms our heart is watching the Los Encinos students and their parents — beginning from kindergarten all the way through sixth grade — learn what it takes to lift up all of our neighbors, especially those experiencing homelessness.”

Stephanie Klasky-Gamer

President & CEO, LA Family Housing

This video tells the story of the 6th Grade’s Toy Drive and how they took the initiative to make a real difference.