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The Board of Trustees is the policy making body of Los Encinos School, a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation. The Board of Trustees includes parents of students (past and present), the Head of School, and involves members of the community at large. In addition to establishing school policies, the Board has the primary fiduciary responsibility for the continued financial stability and long-term viability of the School.

This includes responsibility for the School’s operating budget, capital assets, and fundraising efforts. In addition, the Board hires, supports, and evaluates the Head of School but is not involved in the day to day running of the School. The role of the Board is to ensure adherence to the School’s mission, to safeguard the integrity of the School, and to provide for the future of the School.

A message from the Board Chair 2019-2022

What an incredible way to celebrate our 40th year! We knew this milestone year would be one to remember, but in our wildest dreams we could not have predicted ‘At-Home Learning.’  Our parents, teachers, and staff have defined dedication, resourcefulness, courage, and strength. I am incredibly proud of our LES students! Their resilience and adaptability prove they are ready to take on the world, no matter the uncertainties that await them.

I look forward to seeing our LES story unfold over the next 40 years!

With gratitude,

Angie signature
Angie Platt
Chair, Board of Trustees

Pictured: (back row) David ZeBrack – VP Chair, Michael Yee, Chad Tew, Ilene Reinfeld, Ron Milkes (past member), Lori Guggenheim (past member), Stewart Bloom, Nick Rich – Treasurer (front row) Anne Guenther (past member), Kathy Gordon (past member), Angie Platt – Board Chair, Monica Harb.

Not Pictured: Angie Adinamis – VP, Development, Catherine Bridge, Ryan Glenn, Tara Piper, John Rubeli, Jamie Urman, Luthern Williams.