Nothing is bigger than childhood.

This is precisely why Los Encinos is a smaller school than most. We know life never gets more magnificent than this magical window of time, so we are committed to helping young children experience it fully. This means keeping our school small enough to deliver a vast education. Big thinking, big opportunities, big fun — all made possible by staying small.

Los Encinos is a close-knit learning community where everyone knows each other; where cooperation and friendship span all grades; where students feel both safe and excited to take risks and try new things.

This is the power of Small

The text of the entire anthem is depicted in the video below:

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Los Encinos Students:

  • Learn to be respectful and compassionate individuals, purposefully engaged with their community
  • Listen thoughtfully to diverse perspectives and then communicate with intelligence and creativity
  • Exhibit curiosity and seek innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Accept challenges, take risks, and learn from mistakes
  • Know the power of both leading and following, and have the confidence to collaborate and effect change
  • Have fun!

Our Philosophy

We know that children are more adventurous and eager to learn when their environment comforts rather than overwhelms. Our school is designed to capture the proven social benefits of a close-knit learning community while pursuing rigorous and developmentally-appropriate academic programs. Our students are both encouraged and challenged in ways that nurture their independence while instilling respect for collaboration, compassion, and sharing.  
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Our Philosophy

The Curriculum

Here at Los Encinos School, we believe an integrated learning approach allows students to make connections between different subjects in our broad curriculum. Teaching is organized around multi-year, school-wide themes that unify and deepen the learning experience. As students progress from one grade to the next, revisiting and reexamining key themes, they discover natural relationships among ideas and learn to value the real-world relevance of their learning.  
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Our Curriculum


  • We love Los Encinos School because we know our children are part of a special community where everyone cares about one another, learning is exciting, and kids can be kids. Trish and Corey, Alumni Parents
  • We send our children to Los Encinos School because the school community shares the same values as our family. We know the children are valued and respected for who they are, and are also taught personal responsibility. Julie and Dan, Parents
  • When my daughter was six, someone at a birthday party asked her what school she went to. She said, "The best school on earth!" I couldn't have said it better myself. Shazi, Alumni Parent
  • My experience at Los Encinos School is beyond compare. I began in 5th grade and the teachers and students were super supportive and caring. Thank you, LES, for all the memories and preparing me for my future. Morgan, Alumni Class of '13
  • I just love our school beyond words! Timi, Alumni Parent and Teacher