Chris Holabird
Tuition Assistance Fund


(February 19, 1927 – June 16, 2023)

Chris Holabird founded Los Encinos School in 1980 with a vision for a school culture and philosophy that stands today. His basic “recipe” for success:

Gather some talented teachers, enterprising students of assorted flavors with supportive parents; mix thoroughly in any available container, add a few books, balls, brushes, also stories, songs, suitable challenges, abundant opportunities, and sprinkle liberally with fresh experience. Then stand back and trust the process to begin. The mix will generate much warmth, sometimes heat, sometimes spilling over and requiring clean-up, but always with the process continuing. For best results, this recipe requires much time, encouragement, and support…”

Chris lived his philosophy. He never stopped learning and encouraged his faculty and staff to do the same. The value of being a lifelong-learner is passed on to every student, parent, and caregiver who walks through the red gates.

Chris was passionate about the belief that every child – no matter their socioeconomic status – must have the opportunity for a great education, an education that could see and nurture the individual child while growing in a community of support. He strongly advocated for students and families in need, to receive financial assistance in order to attend Los Encinos School. 

To honor the memory of Mr. Holabird and his life as an educator, Los Encinos School has designated a fund that is devoted to supporting students and their families who seek the education Chris dreamt into existence and continues to grow to this day.

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