Who is a Los Encinos School student?

A Los Encinos student is one who is curious, creative, and capable.  Los Encinos students are eager to learn, and participate fully in the life of the school. Los Encinos students engage in an integrated academic program that fosters the arts and sciences.  Los Encinos parents support our programs and work in partnership with the school.  Our admissions process takes into consideration the personal, as well as academic, qualities of each applicant.

How much is the tuition?

For current tuition and fees, please click losencinosschool.org/tuition.

When are applications due?

Los Encinos School normally accepts applications until early January. Click more info below to see the Admissions Timeline for the exact due date for this school year. We encourage you to apply prior to the due date so you can begin the process, which includes a parent interview, a group play date, and a visit to see your child at preschool.

When will I be notified about an admissions decision?

Admission decisions will be announced in March. If you are placed in our wait pool, promptly mail back the postcard that indicates your interest in remaining in the wait pool. If a space opens, we will contact you. You are welcome to contact us at any time.

What is Los Encinos School’s tuition assistance program?

Los Encinos School’s tuition assistance program provides students and families an opportunity to attend the school when it would not have otherwise been an option. Approximately 25% of the student body receives tuition assistance. We use FAST (Financial Aid for Student Tuition) to help us determine eligibility.  The application can be found in the Admissions section of the website.  We try to extend the budget to accommodate everyone’s needs; all interested families are encouraged to apply.

Does Los Encinos School give preference to sibling applicants?

We pride ourselves on being a community school. Siblings of current Los Encinos School students will be given preference when all other factors are equal, including admissions qualifications and the family’s participation and continuous support of the School.

How can parents get involved at Los Encinos School?

We enjoy all types of parent involvement at school, as volunteers help our community thrive. Volunteers are encouraged to help at events and activities. There are many ways to volunteer at Los Encinos such as assisting in the library, driving for field trips, participating in development events, helping with service learning activities, joining the beautification committee, hosting parent socials, organizing our annual event, or being a guest reader. Please check with your teacher or call the office and we’ll put you in contact with the appropriate Parent Association member for more details.

Does Los Encinos School have a hot lunch program?

Fresh Lunches provides our daily hot lunch service. Their menu focuses on high-quality, natural or organic local ingredients and includes many different options.

Is there an after-school program at Los Encinos School?

Los Encinos School offers an after-school program that includes a variety of enrichment classes, homework club, and after school care until 5:00 pm.


Go to losencinoschool.org/rsvp to select an Open House and/or morning group tour.