Here are some parents you might recognize that are now current faculty and staff members! It speaks to the “family” atmosphere we’ve built at Los Encinos School and how the connection is never broken, even long after graduation…

Timi & Bill Birch

The Birches are now our resident “power couple”! Timi is the assistant teacher in 1st grade and Bill is an all-around resource whose official title is development associate.

Their children, Max and Ruby, graduated in 2013 and 2016, respectively. Max is now heading into his final year at Notre Dame High. Ruby is entering 9th grade at St. Cyril and loves playing volleyball.

Click to enlarge the photo which compares the Birches at the New Family Picnic in 2006 to a recent shot meant to match their pose!

Debbie Seidel

Debbie Seidel started her career in education at CSUN’s teaching program. While earning her teaching credential, she got hired to be an assistant at Curtis School; after receiving her credential, she went to Village School in the Palisades to teach kindergarten and then 2nd grade. She then took a break from her career to focus on raising a family.

Her daughter Dylan graduated from LES in 2015 and is a 10th grader at Milken this year. Her son A.J. is a current 6th grader at LES. (Dylan is featured here in her own alumni story).

And where’s Debbie? She’s back in 2nd grade as a teacher this year right here at Los Encinos School (you can see her magically disappear in the new LES Fund video)!

Nicole Pennington

Nicole began work in the business office for the 2017-2018 school year after seeing her two children, Ollie (’11) and Audrey (’17) graduate from Los Encinos School. Today, Ollie teaches dance at the Performing Arts Center while Audrey is entering eighth grade at Buckley where she’s active in the theatre program.

For the past 14 years, Nicole has logged countless volunteer hours helping manage LES’s annual galas and other fundraising efforts. She is thrilled to be able to continue her close ties to the school in a more formal role.

In addition to her work as Business and Development Officer, Nicole keeps a stash of LES SpiritWear in her office, so feel free to drop in to buy some of the new swag!

It’s wonderful to see such commitment and continuity in a small community.