Dylan Seidel (’15) began her LES journey as a kindergartener and, now, the 10th grader has returned this summer to be a counselor at Camp Los Encinos. She has many fond memories of her time as an LES student, but one that stands out is the trip in 4th grade to San Juan Capistrano, which happened to be the mission she studied! She is now a student at Milken and credits Los Encinos with developing her love for art and drawing. Her involvement in visual arts at her new school continues to increase and she’s excited about the prospect of taking Fine Arts Studio this coming fall. Looking back on her time at LES, she lauds all of her teachers, but points to art teacher, Valerie, as someone who was particularly inspiring.

Dylan remembers being a camper the first year Camp Los Encinos opened. She attended each year thereafter as a C.I.T. and now, as a first-time counselor, she appreciates all of the opportunities she’s been given to come back to LES and make a difference. She says the change in perspective from being a student at LES to now, as a counselor and a leader of students, has been amazing.

Dylan’s future plans include “being creative and working somewhere with art and illustration,” but she’s not exactly sure just yet. Check out some of her work below. Congratulations, Dylan. We wish you all the best!

Some examples of Dylan’s artwork.

Dylan leads a group of campers at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

Another piece of art by Dylan Seidel.

Dylan helps a camper with a drawing.

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