Welcome to our brand new L.E.S. Alumni page! Founded in 1980, Los Encinos School is now nearing her 40th year — can you believe it?! — and we finally have a home base for all of our various graduates and graduated families to “keep one toe in the water,” so to speak, and stay in touch with our beloved elementary school. The Alumni Committee envisions this online space to provide news to cheer each other on, support each other if there are challenges, and stay informed about upcoming events, such as reunions, gala dinners, and the Thanksgiving Feast & Reel!

Please use the Contact page to give us your current info and submit news (and photos) to [email protected] so we can share it here.

If you see a feature on the site you’d like to change or if you want to add something you don’t see, also email us. This is meant to be a community page for everyone who has had a connection to the school and has fond memories of L.E.S. We can’t wait to start filling it with wonderful content!