Chiara Munzi (’13) wanted a breakfast cereal that was healthy and filling, yet didn’t sap her energy like regular oatmeal, so she developed her own brand made with chickpeas! Together with her friend, Izzy, they co-founded a company called ChiChi Foods and began to bring their product to market.

Chiara and Cosima address the school at the assembly.

Chiara recently returned to LES with her younger sister, Cosima (’16), and they addressed the school at a Friday morning assembly before handing out samples at the PA meeting that followed.

Their message at the assembly was directed to each student, encouraging them to have the courage to follow their dreams and stay persistent. The school’s monthly Virtues & Values sentiment that month was “Courage,” so their visit was perfectly timed. Chiara also credited LES with giving her confidence, recalling how shy she was in kindergarten.

Chiara then and now.

As if speaking into a microphone in front of the whole school wasn’t proof enough that she has overcome her shyness, Chiara also announced that she’s currently a contestant on a reality show, competing with other business owners, that will soon be streamed on Amazon. We can’t wait to see ChiChi on TV!

To buy some of the chickpea oatmeal for your own breakfast table, and to read more about this incredible start-up story, go to their website at

Chiara and Cosima hand out samples of the chickpea oats at the PA meeting.
Chiara presents her story at the PA meeting.
ChiChi the chickpea way!

Mrs. Vaisman gets a taste from Chiara!

Mrs. Reinfeld introduces Chiara at the PA meeting.

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