Arya Hakimi graduated Los Encinos School in 2015, and is now completing her 10th grade year at Windward School.

“I think my [LES] teachers made a big impact on my life,” she recalls. “They taught me a lot of great lessons and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

One of her strongest memories is going to Sacramento in 4th grade and learning about the history of California. It was the first time she was away from home without her parents, and she admits, “I was nervous, but my friends made me feel comfortable, and that’s something I won’t forget.”

Last year was Arya’s first year as a counselor at Camp Los Encinos, having been a camper since the very first year the camp opened.  When asked why she wanted to be a counselor, she says, “I’ve always loved working with kids.”  She also said she was glad to be in a familiar environment (the Los Encinos School campus) for her first job.

Arya hasn’t committed to any future career path yet, but she did say she’s interested in film and TV production. “I’m always making videos and filming stuff.” We wish you all the best, Arya!

P.S.: Arya returned to LES in May of 2019 with some friends from her class to see the Art Show (see photo below). The saying may well be true, “You can graduate, but you never truly leave Los Encinos.”

Alumni at the Art Show 2019!  (Pictured left-to-right) Jackie Sevareid, Dylan Seidel, Valerie Gordon, Willow Gaven, Arya Hakima

(Above) Arya and her fellow counselors pose on ‘photo day’ at Camp Los Encinos.

(Above) Arya enjoyed working at Camp Los Encinos as a counselor in 2018.

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