Ella Rosenson (’18), now an 8th grader at Buckley, and known for her wonderful work with Stella’s Socks, returned to school on Friday, January 10th to make a presentation at the P.A. Meeting about her latest endeavor. As a member of MLK Young Dreamers for Justice, Ella described what attracted her to the group and all the service they accomplish.  She also encouraged more 9- to 18-year-olds to get involved.  See the hand-out she distributed below. We are proud of our alumni, and not surprised at all when they step up as agents of change!  Congrats, Ella, keep up the good work! As we approach MLK, Jr. Day (Monday, January 20th), we think Martin Luther King’s question is as relevant now more than ever: “What are you doing for others?”
(Above) Ilene Reinfeld praises Ella Rosenson for her service work, and distributes the fliers Ella brought to the PA Meeting.