Upper Grades

Classroom STEAM project 

In the upper grades (4-6), the student-centered curriculum continues to build on student’s individual strengths through differentiation.  Students are taught to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the primary grades to new and different situations.  Connections continue to be made across the curriculum to enhance student understanding.  Social skills continue to be honed, with the emphasis shifting from cooperation to leadership.

Language arts in the upper grades includes read alouds, core literature, Reading and Writing Workshops, Word Study, and oral communication.  Reading Workshop in the upper grades grows the community of readers into thoughtful, articulate readers who can discuss and interpret complex text, all the while making connections to self, other text, and the world around them.  Writing workshop builds on the skills learned in the primary grades and teaches students to write expository, persuasive, literary, and personal essays.  Mathematics in the upper grades continues to build skill sequentially, becoming more differentiated as students approach sixth grade.  Pre-algebra and algebra are offered when needed to fifth and sixth grade students.  Social studies continues to be integrated with the classroom and school-wide themes through literature and simulations.  Science examines the scientific process through different thematic lenses, promoting critical thinking in the scientific world.

Students leave Los Encinos School with a well-rounded experience and education, prepared for the challenges of middle school.