Schoolwide Themes

There are four themes that rotate each year. A student in Kindergarten will have one approach to “Spaces & Places,” for instance, and that same student will see the same theme in a much different way when they are in fourth grade.

Traditions & Celebrations

We’ll be celebrating our school culture (past, present, and future), as well as world cultures as we expand our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Narrative Year – Stories All Around Us

Everywhere we look, we see captivating beginnings, middles, and ends. Our histories inform our present day lives, and guide us into the future. What’s your story?

Celebrating the Natural World: Wonderment & Interaction

It’s always exciting to see the integration of subjects made richer against the backdrop of our yearly theme. This year’s theme, “Celebrating the Natural World,” encompasses both the macro and the micro — from the solar system to the veins on a leaf — so each grade will be able to view their studies through the lens of wonderment and interaction.

Spaces & Places

This year is all about varying perspectives.