Primary Grades

The student-centered curriculum in the primary grades (K-3) values the strengths and interests of every child, while building a strong foundation of skills and knowledge.  Our hands-on, project-based learning approach allows students to learn valuable skills while making connections to the world around them.

Beginning in kindergarten, students learn that social and emotional growth is just as important as cognitive development.  As students progress through the primary grades, they build on their knowledge in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science.

Language arts in the primary grades includes phonemic awareness, read alouds, Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, Word Study, and oral communication. Reading Workshop in the primary grades builds a community of readers who can think, discuss, and make connections about literature.  Writing Workshop teaches students how to look closely at and to write about small moments in their lives.  Students build on these skills and learn to write informational, persuasive, realistic fiction, and personal narrative pieces.  In mathematics, students learn from a comprehensive program that focuses on building solid number sense, spatial relations, and other skills necessary for problem solving and critical thinking.  Social studies is integrated into both the classroom and the school-wide themes through literature and project-based learning.  Science gives students an experiential understanding of plants, animals, and their environment.

Students leave the primary grades ready to apply the skills they’ve acquired in new and exciting ways in the upper grades.