Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is the policy making body of Los Encinos School, a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation. The Board of Trustees includes parents of students (past and present), the Head of School, and involves members of the community at large. In addition to establishing school policies, the Board has the primary fiduciary responsibility for the continued financial stability and long-term viability of the School.

This includes responsibility for the School’s operating budget, capital assets, and fundraising efforts. In addition, the Board hires, supports, and evaluates the Head of School but is not involved in the day to day running of the School. The role of the Board is to ensure adherence to the School’s mission, to safeguard the integrity of the School, and to provide for the future of the School.

Almost immediately after joining the school I felt like a welcome member of the community and couldn’t wait to jump in and help out where I could. The school had become so important to me and my family that when I was asked to join the board of trustees I was truly honored. That was over five years ago and I’ve recently signed on to serve for another 3 year term. As a member of the board I hope to have helped create a better learning environment to be shared by many generations of children to come.

There are so many reasons why I love Los Encinos, but the foremost reason is because of what my children have become as a result of being here. They both are bright, respectful, responsible, independent thinkers who love learning and for that I couldn’t be more proud or more grateful.

Doug Shellow
Board President Emeritus and Past Parent

photo of the board of directors 2017-2018