Los Encinos


Annual Report 2020-2021

"Many Voices, Many Stories"



A Most Unusual Year

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to reimagine much of the school year, yet this 6th grade class showed tremendous flexibility and fortitude. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish in the future.

Our graduates were accepted at the following Middle Schools:

Berkeley Hall School
The Buckley School
Campbell Hall
Chaminade College Preparatory
Chandler School
Flintridge Preparatory School
Heschel School
Milken Community School
Mirman School
New Roads School
Oakwood School
Sierra Canyon School
Viewpoint School
Westridge School for Girls

The students pose in their new ‘Class of 2021’ hoodies.

Ditch Day!

As the school year came to a close, a special yard sign was delivered to every sixth-grader’s home.

The graduation ceremony program.


“I remember the first time I walked through the Red Gates…

…I was having a temper tantrum because I didn’t want to go to school. Then when I got there, I thought no one would like me, but then everyone wanted to be my friend and it was really cool.”

-Eli, Class of 2021

“My earliest memory of Los Encinos…

…is drawing a self-portrait in kindergarten. And Coach Costin teaching me how to skip.”

–Jude, Class of 2021

“One of my earliest Los Encinos memories…

…is 1st grade, meeting my 5th grade buddy, Evan, and we had an alphabetical scavenger hunt to find things that start with an A, B, C, etc. We also painted a flower and went on the slide.”

–Annie, Class of 2021

“I started LES halfway through 3rd grade…

…and my first memory is Ms. Kim standing on a chair to hang something that fell down and she said, ‘Don’t try this at home.'”

-Elliott, Class of 2021

“My earliest LES memory..

…was KinderCamp. I remember the new building was almost finished, and everybody was friendly, and all the teachers were so welcoming.”

–Kristian, Class of 2021

“I remember AstroCamp…

…in 5th grade, being away with friends, shooting rockets, zip-lining… it was amazing.”

–Conor, Class of 2021

Surprise Pancake Breakfast!

The class seen here on the day of the traditional “sixth grade surprise pancake breakfast” when they get to come to school in pajamas! (See the video they were shown to wake them up on the next page.)