February 20, 2019

Historical Flag Wrap-Up! *Field Trip Info*

Good Evening!

This is just a reminder that for our field trip on Friday, students need to be at school a little before 7:30, we are leaving at 7:30! The bus ride to Riley Farm is a long one. Students will need to bring a disposable lunch, various snacks, and maybe a book or cards for the bus ride. The forecast is calling for sunny, but chilly weather! Please make sure your child has on comfortable pants, gym shoes, and a heavy jacket. As always, they will need to wear their green LES field trip t-shirt. We plan to be back at LES between 3:30-4:15. I will call the school when we are leaving with an estimated arrival time and Michelle will send you all an email. If that time changes due to traffic, I’ll let Michelle know and she will coordinate that news with all of you. It’s going to be a great trip!

Below are a few pictures of the students putting the finishing touches on their historical flags project!