March 15, 2019

Weekly Update

We had a terrific week in first grade! We were so proud of our students for their hard work on our Fable presentation. They were excited to share their fables, murals, and all their work from the fable unit. This week during Phonics Workshop, we worked on ways to make the long e, such as EE and EA. During Writing Workshop, we focused on adding more facts and details to our informational texts. We learned how to plan our chapters of books across our fingers. In Reading Workshop, we learned how to tackle new vocabulary. We shopped for books, partner read, and read independently. This week in math, we learned new strategies to add three numbers and continued to practice with time and money. This week most of our literature focused on the virtue and value of responsibility. We also enjoyed two guest readers. We look forward to meeting with you next Wednesday and Thursday. There will be childcare in the library during your conference times. Have a great weekend.

Thank you to the Sloane family for the green bagels and cream cheese!