Happy Friday!

On: March 15, 2019

Oh, Mylanta! Can you believe that we’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Spring Break? The days are really flying by!

In math, both groups learned various strategies for solving challenging multiplication problems. Group One practiced fact families, used multiplication squares as helper facts, and learned about the break-apart strategy. They finished the week by taking the Unit 5 assessment. Group Two took inventory of known facts and practiced ones they have more difficulty with mastering. They also reviewed strategies for solving multiplication problems that involve larger numbers. Our young mathematicians in Group Two finished the week by solving problems using multiplication and division diagrams. As the concepts become more challenging, we encourage all of our third graders to practice their multiplication facts for automaticity. We would greatly appreciate your support in this matter.

On Tuesday, we had math centers and students rotated through four centers to reinforce various skills. In center one with Mr. Blanchard, students played Multiplication Bingo. In center two, students practiced fractions on the iPad. In center three with Ms. Bachrach, students reviewed the times table using fact triangles. In center four with Ms. Kim, students practiced critical thinking and problem-solving skills with the Target 50 riddle challenge.

We continued our read-aloud of Soft Rain and had discussions about pivotal moments in the story. They compared/contrasted our lives with Soft Rain’s life and looked at character traits while finding supporting evidence from the text. Today, they were devastated to learn that Green Fern, Soft Rain’s cousin, died of the coughing disease.

In Writing Workshop, our third graders continued writing their informational book. Each student conferenced with a teacher to discuss ways to expand on each chapter. While writing, students have been focusing on:

  • Adding detailed explanations to each chapter
  • Using transition words
  • Including diagrams with labels, maps, charts, tables, and pictures with captions
  • Using expert words related to their topic
  • Ensuring that all of their chapters relate to the bigger topic

In social studies, students were very busy working on their Native American projects. They are using what they’ve learned from all of their research to create posters, PowerPoint presentations, dioramas, trivia games, brochures, and much more.

Just a friendly reminder that our third grade Native American presentation is quickly approaching, and we hope you’ve saved the date in your calendar! On Wednesday, March 20, our third graders will show off all that they have worked on and learned throughout our Native American unit. We will start under the large oak tree (weather permitting) at 9:00 am for storytelling and a song. Afterward, families will be invited back to the third-grade classroom to walk around our Native American museum. For the presentation/play, students should dress for the part they are playing:

  • Ravens – all black
  • Sun – Yellow or orange shirt/sweater
  • Moon – White or gray shirt/sweater
  • Stars – Yellow shirt/sweater
  • Town people – Normal clothes
  • Chief – Polo or button down shirt with a sweater or sweater vest (“dad outfit”)
  • Daughter of the chief – Dress or nice shirt and pants
  • Baby – Pastel colors
  • Narrators – Normal clothes

Their outfits do not have to be extravagant. If students wish, they can add simple headpieces, scarves, belts, etc. as used by the character. Our goal is to avoid Native American stereotypes. Your children learned through their research that every Native American tribe had their very own culture and way of living. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to sharing all of their hard work with you!