March 15, 2019

A Week in the Life….

Can it be that Spring has finally arrived?

The second semester came to an end; we all survived!

This week began with an escape room

The theme, Growth Mindset, reminded us how to bloom.

As students who value important traits,

Grit and perseverance are two to celebrate.

Working quickly, students had to decipher and decode

In the end, there were two teams to which a homework pass was bestowed.

Our Egyptian book clubs are just about through

A final project examining literary elements will be due.

Whether students choose to use words or pictures to express their thoughts

On Wednesday, they’ll share their opinion of the different plots.

In addition, to these historical fiction books

Many students finished Apprentices; they were surely hooked.

The last book in this trilogy arrived in class

Several students grabbed their copies, found a seat, dove into the story and never noticed the time pass.

Writer’s workshop brought us back to teen activism.

Students spent the week researching true heroism.

From girls being denied an education

To abandoned pets to gender equality across the nation.

Students watched the Oscar-winning documentary

Period, End of Sentence demonstrated the power of teens in this century.

Inspired to make a difference in the life of another

Learning to fight for those less fortunate as if they were our brother.

We find ourselves in the mountains of Greece

Our discovery of the many city-states and how they kept the peace.

From the soldiers of Sparta to the Trojans of Troy

Soon we’ll read all about that famous decoy.

PI day, we celebrated with treats

A huge thank you to those who brought in delicious pies for us to eat.

We made Pi-Lines by graphing the numbers of PI

Some of us took the challenge of writing PI Haikus: 5-7-5

Measuring hula hoops, and other items round

Taught us the mystery of PI that those in Greece found.

In math, the blue group finished up their unit on probability

While the red group discovered the area of parallelograms, trapezoids, triangles executing superb flexibility.

We said good-bye to our drama teachers, Lisa and Chris.

  If we did not acknowledge their efforts in pushing us out of the box, we’d be remiss.

This week will end with many waiting for good news

PLEASE be mindful that some will feel the blues.

Students are encouraged not to post or text

Let’s all practice empathy in these times when we do not necessarily know what happens next.

  an incredible weekend is to be had

Looking forward to celebrating LES like an Olympiad!