Raffle Results

Raffle winners have been determined! Click here to see the list of winners and watch videos of each raffle drawing. (LES Central password is required).

Click button below to see the raffle winners and watch videos of the drawings (LES Central password required).


The Tuck-In with Mrs. Vaisman, Mrs. Miller & Mrs. Kroh

Two evenings in May. from 6:00-7:30, 2 winners
The kindergarten teachers will come to your home and spend time with your child. Teachers will read books and gift the books to your child. We’ll finish playing and reading just in time for bedtime!

Movie, crafts, and dinner with the first grade teachers!

In April after school, 4 winners
Join the first grade teachers for a movie in the first grade classroom! We will have crafts and dinner too!

Bowling with Mrs. Kring & Ms. Bachrach

In April, after shool, 4 winners
Join Mrs. Kring and Ms. Bachrach for bowling and a snack at Pinz Bowling.
Drop off: Flagpole at 3:45pm Pick Up: Pinz Bowling (12655 Ventura Blvd) 5:00pm

Fryman Hiking Extravaganza with Mr. Oliver and Mr. Hutchinson

On a Saturday, 3 winners
Come on a wonderful hike with Mr. Oliver and Mr. Hutchinson! We will have snacks, drinks, and a wonderful morning stroll through nature to kick off the very first weekend after spring break!
Drop off: Fryman at 10:00am Pick Up: 12:00pm at Fryman

It's Time to go the MOVIES!!!! with Ms. Byer, Ms. Belpasso, & Ms. Kim

In April after school. Time TBA, 6 winners
Join Ms. Byer, Ms. Belpasso & Ms. Kim for the movie adventures of Sherlock Gnomes!
Drop off: Sherman Oaks ArcLight Time TBA
Pick Up: Sherman Oaks ArcLight time TBA

Come Play with Clay with Valerie & Dani

In April after school, 4 winners
Create your own one of a kind clay creations using various techniques and clay materials. We will enjoy an early dinner snack at The Habit afterwards.
Drop off: The art room 3:30 pm
Pick Up: The Habit- 6:00 pm

Cake decorating & Scavenger Hunt with Jenny, Michele & Jill

In May after school, 6 winners
Cake decorating, scavenger hunt, Habit, & surprises!
Drop off: LES Playstructure/4:45pm
Pick Up: LES Oaktree/6:15pm

Direct and Star in Your Very Own Music Video with Jay & Janelle

After school, One winner plus four friends
If you’re ready to rock, then we’re ready to roll (cameras, that is)! When you win this awesome raffle, you get to choose four friends to star with in a music video produced by the school’s directors of communications and technology, Jay Falk and Janelle Cruz. Before the shoot date (to be mutually agreed upon), the producers will write a treatment with the winner, including song choice, theme, structure, special effects (that’s right, do you want green screen and drone footage???), and almost anything else you can dream up. We shoot it on campus in two hours, and a few weeks later you get a fully edited video on Youtube and DVD to share with friends and family and worldwide fans! So if you’re ready to rock, then we’re ready to roll!
Date: TBD
Start time: Red Gates at 3:15pm
Pick Up: Red Gates at 5:15pm

Potions with Miss Paige & Nicole

In April, after school, 3 winners (each can bring a friend)
Potions are all around us everyday! Three winners (who can each bring a friend) will experiment and make their own collection of potions all while discovering the magic all around us!
Drop off: Science Room 3:30pm
Pick Up: Science Room 5pm

Touchdown, Homerun, Goal, Yay! with Mr. Costin & Mr. Blanchard

In April after school, 10 winners (grades K-3)
Touchdown! Homerun! Goal! YAY! Mr. Costin and Mr. Blanchard challenge you at the park for the Sports Extravaganza! Plan for the 3 S’s: Sports, snacks, and sweat. It’s going down Tuesday, April 17th from 4:00-5:00 at the Los Encinos State Historic Park. 10 auction winners, 1st-4th graders, will be selected to participate in this gauntlet of athletic prowess.
Drop off: 4pm Los Encinos State Historic Park
Pick Up: 5pm Los Encinos State Historic Park

"West Side Story" with Ms. Bell and Ms. Feldman

Sunday, April 15 at 3:00 pm, 2 winners (grades 2-6)
Spend an afternoon at the theatre with Ms. Bell and Ms. Feldman! Enjoy a performance of “West Side Story” at the historic Glendale Center Theatre!
Drop off: Glendale Centre Theatre (324 N Orange St, Glendale, CA 91203) at 2:30 pm
Pick Up: Glendale Centre Theatre TBD

Exploring our Natural World with Mr. Myers

On a Saturday, 4 winners (grades 3-6)
Enjoy a fun, active, and engaging hike with Mr. Myers, friends, and new friends!
Drop off: Tree People, Fryman Canyon 11am
Pick Up: Tree People at noon

A Wrinkle in Time with Mrs. Gottlieb

After school, 3 winners (grades 3-6)
Fun times seeing the newest movie at The Arclight in Sherman Oaks (Grades 3 – 6)
Drop off: time tbd meet at the arc light Sherman Oaks
Pick Up: Sherman Oaks Galleria

Make a Hit Song with Zach and Ms. D

In April after school, 4 winners (grades 3-6)
Compose and record an original song, followed by dinner (listening party) at the Habit (grades 3-6).
Drop off: LES Music Room, 3:30 pm
Pick Up: The Habit Encino, 6:00 pm

Hooping with the Baller with Coach Terry & Janelle

In April after school, 8 winners (grades 4-6)
Test your hoop skills in a drills and skills with Coach Terry and Janelle. Yes! There will be prizes for all!
Drop off: 3:30 on the Black Top
Pick Up: 4:30 on the Black Top